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We might have some of the most competitive prices on the market, but we certainly do not skimp on service quality. 98% of all collections completed on time and we are always here to help if you have a problem.

Transparent pricing, no hidden fees, all managed online.


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We offer some of the most competitive prices on the market, have a look, we think you will agree!

No hidden fees, there are no extra costs.


per 1100L Euro

  • Also available
    240L, 360L & 660L

Mixed Recycling

per 1100L Euro

  • Also available
    240L, 360L & 660L


per 20L Unit

  • Also available
    smaller 15L unit &
    Nappy Units from £3.36


per 120L Bin

  • Also available
    Bag service - from £6

please note that all prices subject to location and are exclusive of VAT

We also have a full range of clinical & pharmaceutical waste services available whether hazardous or non-hazardous.
If its not listed just let us know and we will get you what you need.

Pharmacy - Flu Season Waste

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Online Waste Management Platform

Control your organisation's waste from a single centralised platform, giving you flexibility and control.


At the core of all Anenta services is our simple to use online waste management platform. This platform allows you to view and manage your site’s services. You can view your specifications, including the number and types of bins, frequency of collections and a calendar showing deliveries and collections. You can view and report service issues, including missed collections, rescheduling and ad-hoc collections request or the delivery of consumables.


We will proactively send notifications of any changes which may impact service delivery. For example, if a collection will be missed we will notify anyone affected giving the reason it was missed and when it will be completed performed.


Our aim is to be totally transparent. All communications with Anenta will be held in support tickets, which are then available to you at all times. Our friendly support staff are able to help you with any guidance you need and any issues that arise.


Anenta's waste platform knows when and what you should have collected as well as any service failures that may occur. We use this information to validate the accuracy of any invoice issued to you, ensuring you are only paying for the service that you requested. We spot and validate where additional collections are made or where more waste was collected than was requested.


You can add multiple users to our online platform. All users can view a sites specification, open support tickets and report issues. Admin users also have the ability to manage specifications and view billing information etc. This gives you the power to be in full control and also save your organisation time in managing your waste collections.

Billing and Compliance

You have access to all billing information online, including invoices and service credits. We give you easy access to any required compliance documents including Waste Transfer Notes, Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes.

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