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Contract management partner saves NHS more than £3m in four years

by Graham Flynn on 13 August 2018
Contract management  partner saves NHS more  than  £3m in  four  years

The contract management business, Anenta, which specialises in waste management services, has saved the NHS £3.2m in the last four years on existing contracts across 19 CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups).

The savings have been delivered using a dedicated, online contract management platform developed by Anenta to ensure effective contract management against individual site specifications while ensuring future contracts are specified correctly, providing customers with transparency and the ability to proactively manage their environmental services.

Frustrated by costly inefficiencies and convinced there had to be a better way, Graham Flynn, Anenta’s managing director, founded the company in 2013 following 6 years with the NHS as Head of Environmental Services.

Investing more than £1m to develop its proprietary online waste management platform, Anenta now provides a bespoke service for clients across the UK, managing contracts with a value of more than £8m equating to over 170,000 collections from over five thousand locations, every year.

Graham said: “When I founded the business, the goal was simple: to put control back in the hands of the customer, provide every customer with an easy to use system which delivers a bespoke service and provides best value. Technology was the enabler while the team’s experience in the health sector provided the know-how.” “In the 18 months leading to the end of 2017, Anenta’s unique platform has helped NHS England to deliver savings of £1.8m through stabilising pricing schedules and optimising service provision to use capacity more effectively.”

Anenta estimates there is the potential for the NHS to save up to £35m, through the more effective delivery of waste management contracts. That equates to an average of £168,000 per CCG.

Developed to represent the way in which environmental services are procured and managed at contract and operational levels, the Anenta platform is currently used specifically to manage waste .

Contract management partner saves NHS more than £3m in four years’ contracts in the private and public sector but can be tailored to incorporate other environmental functions such as energy, water and cleaning services.

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