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An insight into the minds behind Anenta

Founded in 2014 following the reform of the NHS and the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act, the Founders and Directors of Anenta identified identified significant failings in the delivery of waste management solutions to the sector, costing the NHS and businesses millions of pounds each year.

Combing their technical knowledge of healthcare waste and associated operational experience with an unrivalled ability in software development, they created Vector to set this right.


The Founders wanted to create a new way of managing existing and newly procured waste disposal contracts that was completely transparent for all participating parties whether the waste producer, waste disposal company or contract owner (Contract Authority).


With extensive experience in waste management, Anenta’s senior team believed they could achieve something not yet seen in the industry.

“Our previous roles within the public sector, particularly in the NHS, helped us understand the unique challenges created by changing governmental strategies and priorities,” says Graham Flynn, Managing Director of Anenta.

“Knowing the financial constraints and stringent procurement rules that the NHS has to operate under, gave us the ability to assist the public sector in delivering to its targets, whilst taking this knowledge and applying it to other healthcare sectors such as care homes and those services delivered by Local Authorities.”

Working together, Anenta’s senior team quickly identified that the only way to enable the healthcare sector to hit its targets - and to make savings within the strict parameters that it must operate - was to deploy an online management system that enables the tracking of queries against contract specifications through the analysis of data. So, they invested over £1m, as well as a great deal of time and effort, to create an agile tech solution to the address the challenge - Vector. Today, they continue to invest heavily in the platform, constantly improving and evolving the system. They have no plans to press pause on that process.

As Graham says: “The importance of data in this sector cannot be underestimated. It is the single most important aspect that facilitates change. Analysing historical data unlocks the potential for the future and gives clear insight into how your organisation can improve.”

At its core, Anenta is a data driven company. It’s an obsession that its management team are proud of as data demonstrates with total transparency everything from service inefficiency and effective capacity utilisation to inefficient collection routes.

While they are happy to delve in the detail, so that clients don’t have to, they are also crystal clear that delivering data in an easily digestible format is key. It’s why Anenta’s mantra is ‘to remove confusion from the sector’ and ‘to take the waste out of waste management’.

Combined with their focus on being better and ‘telling it like it is’, Anenta continually adapts and changes to better serve its clients.

“We believe that our retention of clients is a direct result of our self-critical approach and our dedication to being transparent about it,” says Graham. “We are committed to showing how we plan to develop, adapt and change, and we strive to learn and enhance our service each and every day. It’s something that we want our clients to be part of: to do things better, more efficiently and to drive change that enhances the environment as a priority, benefiting the bottom line as a by-product."

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Our Management Team

Andrew Gordon Operations Director

One of Anenta’s technology experts - both in waste and IT - Andrew has managed and led the development of six successful web and software companies; three being acquired by industry competitors over a period of 25 years.

Andrew’s work within these successful companies saw him develop and manage call centres dealing with a vast number of enquiries on a daily basis. Bringing this experience to Anenta has enabled the company to maintain a standard of service not commonly found in the industry.

Before joining Anenta, Andrew spent three successful years as Chief Technology Officer with a leading sustainability software enterprise working on global fugitive emissions management and reduction.

A pragmatic, hands-on individual, Andrew is passionate about protecting public money and the planet’s resources. The opportunity to combine this passion with his technical expertise prompted Andrew to make the move with the founding directors of Anenta.

Andrew’s extensive operational management knowledge has been key to the success of Anenta.

Linking software systems with real world environments and activity, places Andrew in a unique position of being able to advise Anenta’s customer services team and services users on all aspects of our operations and those of waste contractors.

Having developed waste management experience from his work with Graham Flynn in the NHS, Andrew has applied these experiences to Anenta’s systems while maintaining parallel ISO accreditation. His previous experience in technical analysis within the financial sector has also proved valuable in developing invoice and data validation techniques currently deployed within Vector and delivered to all customers.

Andy has a passion for data analysis that no one else in the business understands!

Kim Ormsby Assistant Director

Kim is a highly motivated, versatile, and experienced Estates and Facilities professional with over twenty years’ experience within the industry. With a BA (Hons) in Environmental Studies and Post Graduate Diploma in Management, Kim was also a member of the National Cross System Sustainability Group, working alongside many local councils, NHS England and the Department of Health.

Having worked in a variety of Sustainability, CSR, Facilities, Environment and Project Management roles within the NHS, Kim is experienced in managing waste contracts across London and has played an integral part in helping the NHS save a significant amount of money over the past two decades.

Kim’s in-depth knowledge of sustainability, public sector processes and cost improvement initiatives led her to work for the Victoria and Albert Museum as Interim Energy and Sustainability Manager, the North West London Collaboration of CCGs as Interim Estates Project Manager, and more recently, the Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as Interim Head of Performance and Improvement.

Kim’s most recent work at the Trust involved analysing, auditing and scrutinising waste functions to realise efficiencies, streamline workstreams and improve service efficiency.

As Assistant Director of Anenta Ltd, Kim’s work focusses on delivering bespoke, affordable, and professional end-to-end waste management solutions that provide Anenta’s customers with cost savings, smart tech innovations, enhanced efficiencies, and transparency in settings ranging from hospitals to care homes.

Scott Ellard Technology Director

Scott is a well-recognised software development leader within the industry, holding a BSc in Computer Engineering. After graduating from the University of Calgary, Scott’s passion for sustainability led to a variety of roles focused on fugitive emission tracking, documenting and calculating carbon emissions.

With extensive experience in owning and operating software consultancies both in the United Kingdom and Canada, Scott has held positions within well established companies such as Microsoft, Google and IBM and Intel.

While working in the UK, Scott has developed several Environmental applications that are widely used within the gas, oil and mining industries, which focus on business and project planning while linking activities to the respective financial markets associated with those industries. Scott has also played a significant role in developing carbon management software that has enabled users to track all carbon related outputs. This software is widely distributed across the globe and is utilised by business entities and bespoke projects authorised by the UNFCCC.

More recently, as a co-founder of Anenta Ltd, Scott’s work has focused exclusively on the waste management industry, putting his skills and wide-ranging experience to the test developing software architecture that is agile but also reflects the real nature of day-to-day operational activity in the waste management sector.

Scott has a passionate dislike for answering the phone, as he thinks he won’t be able to understand English accents.

Graham Flynn Managing Director

A highly experienced environmental services professional and entrepreneur, Graham has worked at every level of the waste management industry. His two previous environmental services companies have been successfully acquired.

Graham has a BSc in Environmental Management and Biology and is a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA).

Graham’s wide-ranging experience includes four years working for private entities developing UNFCCC accredited CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) in Central and South America as well as six years within the NHS focusing on the stabilisation of waste management practices and contracts across London.

Graham’s expertise and passion for improving environmental management practices led to his appointment as Head of Environmental Services working for Essentia (part of Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust), where he and his team delivered significant change, driving improvements across all aspects of Primary Care environmental management, including energy, waste and sustainability.

Combining previous business management experience, public sector experience and wide ranging technical environmental knowledge, he identified the potential to make greater improvements in the delivery and management of environmental services in the NHS by reducing internal bureaucracy.

As the founder of Anenta, his vision remains to deliver change via an external contract management business, committed to providing bespoke, affordable and professional services that include recycling, general waste, saniwaste, confidential and clinical waste streams. Graham identified that to deliver this vision, technology must be deployed via a proprietary platform designed to reduce unnecessarily complicated procurement and waste management processes.

That solution is Vector.