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Auditing Services for GP

Auditing Services for GP

Most waste producers have a negative perception of a waste audit. From our experience waste audits are viewed by waste producers as an opportunity for criticism and potentially a requirement for unwelcome change.

Anenta have conducted thousands of waste audits, whether pre-acceptance or physical premises audits. We have also developed a bespoke auditing solution to assist in the management of IPC (Infection Prevention and Control) to satisfy the requirements of CQC.

Our aim for auditing is simple; make them quick, reliable and quantifiable with clear action plans.

Delivering change through the power of an audit

Anenta have held long term relationships across the NHS based on our Directors experiences of working within the NHS. Notwithstanding the auditing requirements as set out in the Safe Management of Healthcare Waste, legislative change required all hazardous waste producers to provide a pre-acceptance audit to their appointed waste disposal contractor.

Across the NHS and over the years since the introduction of EPR 5.07 many waste contractors have issued audits to the waste producer to complete, all with varying requirements and most at a cost to the NHS or the waste producer.

The problem was easy to identify in our designated North London remit as managing agent; how do you deliver a single audit to almost 2000 location meeting the requirements for 5 different waste contractors at no cost to the NHS?

Having a clear understanding of EPR 5.07 was key to our success. During one of our directors time at Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust, the experience of deploying such audits in South London became key to solving the problem.

Graham organised a half-day seminar with all the relevant contractors and a representative from the Environment Agency to determine the appropriate requirements and dispense with those that were not legally pertinent to the audit. All contractors agreed that much of what they were gathering had no relevance to the legal requirements and agreed that an audit created by Anenta would meet their obligations to the Environment Agency and their operating permit.

Deploying the electronic audit to all location was very straight forward as we held the correct email addresses for all waste producers. We achieved a response rate of 78% within 2 weeks of deployment and 100% within a further 3 weeks.

By conducting a half-day exercise and 2 days of technical development we prevented additional costs of £80,000 being applied to the NHS with our services forming part of the original scope of the contract