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We're going through 1,000 GPs' waste bins. Well, somebody's got to!

by Graham Flynn on 03 May 2019
We're going through 1,000 GPs' waste bins. Well, somebody's got to!

We’re going through 1,000 GPs’ waste bins. Well, somebody’s gotto!“Do you mind if I have quick look in your bin please?” It’s not the usual way to end a business meeting – but it’s becoming a matter of course for the Anenta team when visiting GPs!

In addition to the compliance audits we are conducting, we are also supporting the NHS Sustainable Development Unit, by assessing more than 1,000 GPs’ bins in what’s grandly called a ‘compositional audit’. In normal language, that means we are finding out whether different types ofwaste are being segregated effectively, as well as determining how much of it is recyclable and how much is infectious waste that needs dealing with in specific ways.

We believe this is the first time this has been done on such a big scale. Weonly know of ten primary care locations have been regularly monitored over the past decade on the assumption that this was representative across the whole NHS, but that was a pretty big assumption.

Anenta people already spend a lot of time visiting GPs all over the countrydoing compliance audits for the NHS. We’ve now agreed that we will also do one of these compositional audits while we’re on the premises. We’re doing them for free, rather than charging the NHS extra – which seems fair to us in the interests of the greater good.

The whole project is going to take about a year, but the brilliant thing is that because we are as usual using Vector, our proprietary online waste management system, to log and analyse the data, the NHS can check in whenever they like to look at emerging trends. It’s another great example of Anenta being able to facilitate true partnerships that drive efficiency and sustainability.