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Waste Management

Managing waste for the NHS, CCGs, Care Homes, GPs, pharmacies and businesses covering more than 8,000 locations, we deliver compliance, efficiency and innovation in a competitive and highly regulated market to ensure you maximise your environmental and financial goals.

Our Services

Providing an end to end management system incorporating service design and specification to procurement and ongoing management utilising our best-of-breed customer support and online management platform.

Healthcare Waste

Healthcare Waste

Delivering an end-to-end waste management service, we work with you to maximise and realise the benefits of existing or new clinical waste contracts, achieving value for money outcomes, reductions in inefficiencies and uplifts in savings.

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Business Waste

Business Waste

Working with a variety of clients of all sizes, Anenta has a proven track record of delivering trade waste services that help you manage your cost base. From private healthcare waste in the community - including care homes - to retail waste management, we are here to support you.

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Care homes

Care homes

We specialise in delivering innovative services to help you manage your waste more effectively, generating efficiencies and cost savings. Across multiple sites we utilise our advanced online platform to tailor solutions, saving our clients millions of pounds each year.

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Healthcare Waste Audits

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An Innovative Approach

Our innovative, single point of contact management system provides you with a 360° view of all aspects of your waste management requirements and associated performance.

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Client Relations and Processes

Here at Anenta we pride ourselves on constantly innovating to create new solutions for our clients. Rooted in mechanisms that deliver excellent levels of service, our focus is on delivering better outcomes for all our clients. We do this by delivering smart AI tools alongside guidance and advice that enables our customers to save time and money while enhancing their healthcare waste management experience.

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About Us

Founded in 2014 following the reform of the NHS and the implementation of the Health and Social Care Act, the Founders and Directors of Anenta identified significant failings in the delivery of waste management solutions to the sector, costing the NHS and businesses millions of pounds each year.

Combing their technical knowledge of healthcare waste and associated operational experience with an unrivalled ability in software development, they created Vector to set this right.


The Founders wanted to create a new way of managing existing and newly procured waste disposal contracts that was completely transparent for all participating parties whether the waste producer, waste disposal company or contract owner (Contract Authority).


With extensive experience in waste management, Anenta’s senior team believed they could achieve something not yet seen in the industry.




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